Technology and presentation support simplifies the courtroom experience


Let us ease the burden of courtroom presentation of evidence. Pennebaker Legal trial consultants are trial presentation technology experts and video deposition editing specialists.

We focus on the technology so you can focus on the law

We admit it. We’re geeks at Pennebaker. We love courtroom technology. That’s good news for your trial team. We’re experts in using courtroom presentation software and hardware that help litigators make their presentations memorable. Video deposition editing is an essential part of our portfolio.

Leaders in courtroom presentation technology support since 1985

No wonder leading law firms rely on Pennebaker for courtroom presentation technology support. We’ve helped many of them since the introduction of digital media in the courtroom. 

Video deposition editing? Pennebaker trial consultants are experts with a variety of trial presentation software, including OnCue™, TrialDirector™, Sanction™ and PowerPoint™. Technology support at trial? Our trial techs have supported trials throughout the United States.

We’re geeks with a purpose. Computer presentation technology must be reliable. It must ensure optimal resolution and visibility to the judge, jurors, counsel and witnesses. We know what works, and we know how to use it.

Video deposition editing isn’t just about software

It’s also about people. Pennebaker people know the ins and outs of seamless edits, timing and pacing. We use OnCue™, TrialDirector™ and Sanction™ software to synchronize and edit video depositions for trial. Pennebaker understands that your most important witness may only be available by video deposition. That's why we ensure that every video deposition is quality-checked, so there’s never an “uh-oh” moment during video playback.

Get ready for battle with professional war room setup

Whether it’s a jury trial in federal court in New Orleans or a bench trial in Oakland, Pennebaker will ensure that your war room is ready for action. We work with your trial team to coordinate high-quality printing, scanning and other war room necessities.


Courtroom presentation software and technology support for trial

A flawless legal argument needs to be presented flawlessly. Pennebaker Legal provides the expertise to ensure your courtroom presentation achieves maximum impact.

Tell us how we can support your next trial.


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