Venue analysis and strategy: Investigate before you litigate


What are the implications of a venue? Pennebaker Legal can research and analyze juror attitudes and perceptions in difficult venues.

A difficult venue is no place to be unprepared

Communications 101: Know your audience. Pennebaker helps you understand the audience you’re facing in difficult venues. With community attitude studies, press report analyses and more, we tell you what’s ahead and recommend a plan of action.

Will it play in Peoria? Venue analysis provides the answer

Difficult venues for corporations are, well … difficult. But not impossible. Your trial team has to know who and what they’re facing. Pennebaker can help.

Step one is understanding potential juror attitudes and perceptions. Pennebaker can conduct a community attitude survey to help develop jury profiles. We can analyze what the media are saying in the area. What’s being said about your client online can also provide valuable information.

A court venue analysis and strategy test by Pennebaker helps you find the answers to tough questions: Should you request a change of venue? What case themes will play well in Peoria? What’s the right voir dire strategy? Difficult is not impossible.


Don’t take a difficult venue lying down

Pennebaker Legal will research and analyze trial venues and help you adapt your strategy for the best outcome.

Let us help you analyze the venue you’re facing.


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