We simplify complex messages for better juror understanding


The more complex the case, the more you need Pennebaker Legal. Our courtroom graphics and branding expertise help you better engage the jury in your case.

Clarify and reinforce your messages to jurors with clear, simple exhibits

Courtroom graphics exhibits are a visual representation of the quality of your legal team’s thinking. We help you develop and apply a consistent courtroom visual theme development system. Our animations, video and photography, exhibit boards and interactive exhibits convey and reinforce that theme throughout the case.

Unify your case with a consistent visual theme

When presenting graphics to a jury, "pretty good" isn't good enough. Jurors are exposed to high-quality communications every day, and they expect the same quality in the courtroom. Our award-winning graphic designers begin each case by working with you to develop a consistent courtroom visual theme that will resonate with jurors. Then we apply that theme throughout your case. 

Demonstratives, animations, video, interactive exhibits and more carry that theme forward. Visual effects are applied consistently. Your courtroom presentation is clearer to jurors. The result is a visual theme professionally designed for maximum impact. It makes your case more convincing to a jury.

We specialize in making the complex simple. The right courtroom visual theme supports that mission.

Courtroom animations help jurors see your side of the case more clearly

Technical accuracy always comes first with Pennebaker-produced courtroom graphics and animation. We produce animations that accurately reflect a fact witness's testimony regarding accidents, medical procedures, oil and gas incidents, patent issues and more. 

Our courtroom animations are also visually appealing. That’s important. In a world where jurors play high-end computer games at home and watch stunning effects-filled movies, expectations are high. Our high-end animations balance the need for sophistication and information.

Perhaps most important is the ability of our animators and graphic designers to think like a juror. They know the goal isn’t to just show the jury something. It’s to help the juror understand. Sometimes that requires a creative perspective. Attorneys tell us that’s one reason they prefer working with Pennebaker.

Pennebaker Legal courtroom trial videos and photography tell your story

Let the jury see what happened with their own eyes. Our videographers and photographers help you show and tell with high-quality site-incident videos and photography. Whether you need commercial-quality drone footage or high-resolution 360-degree panoramas, we’re equipped to handle it. Don’t settle for just any media in the courtroom. We know what works best to inform and persuade. With our state-of-the-art equipment and digital recording and editing services, you’re assured the highest-quality production.

Court exhibit boards help the jury understand

Keep your key messages front and center with interactive and static exhibit boards for trial. Pennebaker designs and coordinates the production of exhibit boards that will tell your story. Sometimes an exhibit board may remain in front of the jury for days or even weeks. Make sure it does the job. Our exhibit board ideas help jurors understand complex concepts and see the merits of your case. That can lead to favorable outcomes, including faster settlements. Whether the content is document callouts, timelines or flow and organizational charts, we can help. Our exhibit boards are used in hearings, arbitrations, mediations and trials.

Interactive exhibits make your case come alive in court

Cases that get to trial are increasingly complex. Interactive exhibits allow the presenter to unveil critical facts sequentially and let the jury receive “just-in-time” information. This helps prevent information overload. Attorneys with complex cases call on Pennebaker in-house designers to produce interactive exhibits. Often, the goal is to animate processes and timelines that help the jury grasp key facts and concepts. Our interactive exhibit ideas impress attorneys and help jurors make fair judgments. In a plant explosion case, Pennebaker produced an interactive Motion for Summary Judgment, complete with animation, interactive timeline and voiceover narration. You’ll find all types of exhibits in court these days. Interactive court exhibits can be among the most effective. 


We think beyond traditional courtroom graphics to help educate juries

Help jurors understand your side of the case with sophisticated-looking animations, interactive exhibits, compelling videos and professional photography.

Tell us your courtroom challenge. We’ll recommend the right visual support.


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