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Bring our communications and psychology expertise on board for expert witness preparation and better results in the courtroom.

Leading law firms call Pennebaker Legal when their star witness gets nervous

We’re experienced at preparing witnesses to deliver their testimony as effectively as possible for deposition and trial. They deliver their messages with the conviction jurors need to see in their faces and hear in their voices. Pennebaker’s experience in witness preparation training will teach witnesses how to deliver clear, honest and convincing testimony in the courtroom.

We help witnesses stay calm and tell the right story the right way

That sinking feeling you get from watching your star witness unravel? Never again. Since 1985, Pennebaker communications consultants have helped with witness preparation for trial. The result is clear, understandable and convincing witness testimony. Overseen by Harvard-trained psychologist Ward Pennebaker, our witness preparation sessions use many of the same techniques from our executive media training sessions. We can also apply this same expertise in reviewing witness video deposition testimony. Analyzing content and nonverbal communication issues such as body language and demeanor equips witnesses with the insights and calm they need to provide compelling, credible testimony.


Our experienced consultants help witnesses convey the right messages with the appropriate level of confidence and tone.

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