You only get one shot at jury selection. Make it count.


Pennebaker Legal trial consultants have the experience and psychology expertise to help identify jurors who may be biased against your client.

We help you through every step of jury selection and voir dire

Your client deserves a fair jury. Pennebaker jury selection experts are in the courtroom with you to help make that happen. We identify biases and attitudes among potential jurors. We collect and analyze juror responses to written questions. We help you craft revealing voir dire questions.

Fair jurors can be hard to find. We make jury selection more precise.

Pennebaker has the expertise to help you through the jury selection process. We begin with a preferred juror profile, uncovered through our jury research. This helps you to identify the life experiences and demographics that might lead to a bias against your client. 

We’re with you in the courtroom during jury selection to help you collect and analyze written responses of potential jurors. Using the juror profile, we help draft voir dire questions that do two important things. First, they introduce case themes. Second, they reveal potential biases against your client. We observe the responses and nonverbal cues from potential jurors and provide recommendations for your challenges.


Put an experienced ally on your team for juror selection

Never strike out with jury selection. Pennebaker Legal consultants bring decades of experience and expertise to the jury selection process.

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