Test your early case assessments with legal focus groups


Litigation is expensive. Use a legal focus group to test your messages and provide guidance for more effective narratives.

Our extensive focus group experience leads to money-saving insights

Should you take your case to trial? How will jurors react to your star witness? Pennebaker Legal designs, conducts and analyzes focus group research. You’ll get answers to key questions about juror perception of case facts, exhibits, legal claims, witness testimony and more.

Reduce client risk and expenses with legal focus group insights

Pennebaker knows what it takes to design and conduct focus groups. For our legal and corporate branding clients, they’re an essential tool that delivers untold benefits. But it’s important to engage with a provider that understands what focus groups can and can’t do for your case. 

Real-time feedback tools such as dials technology are expanding the potential for focus group usefulness. Now, all focus group members can be assured of anonymous input and an equal voice. This makes measuring juror sentiment qualitatively and quantitatively possible. Clients are more confident in focus group results. This can make trial go/no-go decisions easier. 

Statistical measurement of focus group sentiment puts science on your side

Pennebaker uses the latest data collection technology to actively gauge focus group feedback in real time. Utilizing dials technology, Pennebaker tests the effectiveness of case themes, strategies and trial graphics on the focus group. Our consultants ask probing questions that can reveal potential jurors’ attitudes about specific topics, strategies and witness testimony. The information can be collected and aggregated immediately so that the moderator can adjust the questioning to elicit more nuanced feedback from the focus group.


Gain the advantage of our vast experience in legal focus group research

Reduce the risks of failure at trial. Pennebaker Legal understands how to help you get the greatest benefits from focus groups.

Thinking about focus group research? Let us help.


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