Put juries on your side with the right trial case themes and trial strategy


Simple, compelling stories. Told concisely. Delivered consistently. Are you giving juries what they want?

We help you frame your case for maximum impact

Pennebaker Legal expertise in psychology, communications and branding strategy helps you build the strongest cases possible. Take a cue from some of the country’s largest and most successful law firms. They involve us early in trial case themes and trial strategy development, discovery strategy and witness preparation.

Help juror comprehension and recall with clear, effective trial case themes

The right trial case themes help citizens become better jurors. They understand the case better, and they’re more confident in their opinions. They’re better prepared in the jury room to argue your side. Attorneys understand the facts of the case; Pennebaker adds the experience and perspective to recommend a juror-focused theme. We’re not just outsiders. We’re skilled experts who can simplify complex litigation by segmenting, organizing and framing the facts into logical categories. And we’re not afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear about your case. As a result, your case narrative makes sense to the jury.

Make your opening statement and closing argument more memorable

Your opening statement and closing argument frame your story. Pennebaker will help you script your opening and closing to establish and echo memorable case themes and your trial strategy. Then we’ll support you during rehearsal, providing valuable feedback. Attorneys routinely acknowledge our contributions to case theme development and trial strategy. We can consult throughout the trial to help you adjust on the fly. Whether you need help with an opening defense statement in a civil case or a closing argument in a mock trial, Pennebaker is here to help.

Strengthen your opening statement and closing argument

Pennebaker understands that opening and closing are your only chance to speak directly to the jury during trial. We will help develop a narrative that introduces your case themes in a way that makes sense to the jury. Opening statement and closing argument are the bookends to your case. Pennebaker will help make sure that your story is heard and understood by your jury.

Rehearse! Our feedback to your opening and closing maximizes your effectiveness

The attorney’s delivery of the opening statement and closing argument can be just as important as the content of the presentation. Pennebaker consultants will listen to the attorney’s delivery and provide feedback to maximize the effectiveness of the presentation.


Open and close with trial case themes that jurors can grasp and support during deliberations.

Great case themes begin with the right team. Tell us how we can help.


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