Smart legal discovery strategies include a fresh perspective


Bring Pennebaker Legal in during the discovery phase, and you’ll benefit from a broader viewpoint. The result is a juror-focused process and better information.

We help you frame your case for maximum impact

Pennebaker expertise in psychology, communications and branding strategy helps you build the strongest cases possible. Take a cue from some of the country’s largest and most successful law firms. They involve us early in trial case themes and trial strategy development, discovery strategy and witness preparation.

The earlier we’re brought into your case, the more value we add to case strategy

Pennebaker has consulted on hundreds of trials, mediations and arbitrations. We bring that wealth of experience to each engagement. Our consultants will analyze the case materials and meet with attorneys and witnesses to help determine the early case strategy that properly frames your story.


Bring valuable information to light with the right legal discovery partner

With Pennebaker Legal on your team, the discovery process reveals information that jurors will need to support your client.

Don’t start legal discovery without us. Tell us about your case.


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