Mock trials reduce your risks in the courtroom


Road test your case themes, strategies and witnesses with a jury. Get the data you need to proceed to trial or settlement negotiations.

Our experience helps you derive more useful information from mock trials

Pennebaker Legal has decades of experience in conducting and moderating mock trials. Our litigation consultants use their expertise and the latest data collection technology to help you uncover hidden themes and sharpen your case. Pennebaker consultants will ensure that your mock bench trial, mock jury trial or mock arbitration properly tests the themes and strategies that will ultimately reach your trier-of-fact.

Uncover hidden themes that can energize your case

Supported by Pennebaker’s experienced consultants, mock trials are gold mines of information. They reveal what’s working and what isn’t. You can test which case themes resonate with defense-oriented and plaintiff-oriented jurors. And mock trials can be especially useful in uncovering case themes. That critical information can help attorneys craft more effective narratives. The result is a more winnable case.

Our trials simulate actual trial conditions, with the jury seeing live presentations of the facts of the case. The trial team views the mock jury proceedings and deliberations from an adjoining room.

In addition to helping uncover hidden case themes, mock court trials help you gather data and develop conclusions related to:

·      Case strengths and weaknesses identified with each side

·      Pre-existing attitudes that can be considered predictive of juror leanings

·      Juror reaction to key witness testimony

As part of our mock trial services, our consultants review the case materials and assist the legal team with mock trial scripts, witness preparation, presentation materials and development of the pre- and post-discussion questionnaires and verdict forms. Then we prepare a go-forward strategy.

Sharpen your case with mock trial services and consulting

Pennebaker’s experience in putting on mock trials helps you craft more effective narratives for the actual trial. We use the latest data collection technology to gather data and real-time feedback. This includes electronic dials that each member of the mock trial jury can manipulate to rate aspects of the case theme or argument.

Mock jury trials are just the beginning

Tell us what you need. Options include mock bench trials, mock jury trials and mock arbitrations. Pennebaker’s experienced consultants and creative and technology support professionals will help you get the most from each type of proceeding.

Mock bench trials are tailored to the specific judge

Pennebaker understands that a different approach is needed when preparing for a bench trial as opposed to a jury trial. We make an analysis of the judge and develop case themes, strategies and trial graphics that are tailored to that trier-of-fact.

Test your case themes and strategies with mock jury trials

A mock jury trial is the most effective way to test your case themes, strategies and trial graphics. Pennebaker has conducted mock jury trials for litigation with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Our analysis of mock juror feedback from a recent mock jury trial helped prepare our client for a mediation which resulted in a very favorable outcome for our client.

Mock arbitrations geared to your arbitrator

Pennebaker understands that an arbitration panel will typically have an expert-level understanding of the facts at issue. We will work with the attorneys and expert witnesses to develop and tailor themes, strategies and trial graphics that will be most effective for the specific arbitrator.


Reduce risk to your client with Pennebaker Legal’s mock trial resources

Our experience with mock court trials will help you sharpen your case and uncover hidden case themes.

Tell us about your mock trial requirements.


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